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Welcome to the official phpLogin site

Welcome to the Official PHPLogin site. The search button is not working right now. V2.1.0 Coming this week!!!! Sincerely, Admin of phpLogins

Sorry for the inactiveness.


I was inactive from this project for a couple of weeks now but, I am now back.

New numbering method!


The numbering system for phpLogin sys is now Year.Month.Fix. So say it was released August,8,2009 , then it would be released as 9.8.0.If there was a bug fix then it would be 9.8.1 then 9.8.2., etc.

9.8.0 to be released soon!


Version 9.8.0 is set to include a clean, fresh, easy Admin cp. 9.8.0 is also set to include live on the spot bug updates. Unbanning will now be made available.

v2.1.0 Coming Soon

v2.1.0 is Coming Soon.It is currently going through some beta testing.Test files are available.